About Us

BRUMA Stands for: BRonx Upper MAnhattan, our focus areas. By specializing in these areas we can provide our customers and clients a knowledgeable based experience that stands out.


Our Mission:

At Bruma Realty we make it our mission to provide our customers and clients a Personalized rental or sale experience encompassed with Trust, Ease and Transparency.

Our Vision:

Is to create a stress-free renting experience by giving our agents the best tools and having access to the most landlords and listings in the areas we work. A customer can work directly with 1 qualified agent that can show them any apartment available without having to bounce around to multiple agents.

Our Cherished Values:

At Bruma Realty we emphasize our core values that make us a great team:

  • Trust & Honesty
  • Hard Work = go the extra Mile
  • Persistence 
  • Be Grateful
  • Ownership = When we fail, we use the opportunity to grow. 
  • Having fun through it all